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Mirror reality, civilian hero and realistic reflection— On the "Real Aesthetics" of Dying to Survive


Zhuxin Fang * 1

1 BeiJing Film Academy

Corresponding Author

Zhuxin Fang


Dying to Survive, mirror aesthetics, noble character, audio visual language analysis, character image analysis


Dying to Survive is a representative work of real aesthetics, which portrays lofty characters and shows the reality of life with mirror images. In terms of audio-visual language, shaky shot shows the drift, rootlessness and helplessness of the inferior society;The hand-held lens shows a sense of reality of the whole picture; The flexible use of different scenes depicts the real characters and environment, and the combination of shots,color and light demonstrates the theme of film's realism.In the aspect of characterization, the five members of the leading role group and the outstanding supporting actors have laid the foundation for the film narrative, theme expression and frame construction, and promoted the development of film narrative.


Zhuxin Fang. Mirror reality, civilian hero and realistic reflection— On the "Real Aesthetics" of Dying to Survive. LNEP (2021) LNEP ICEIPI 2021: 341-348. DOI: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021233.


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