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The Application of Integrated Marketing Communication in the Marketing of the Game Industry


Yifan Wang * 1

1 School of Journalism and Communication, Shandong Normal University

Corresponding Author

Yifan Wang


integrated marketing communication, 4C, mobile games, 4P


The mobile game market in China is growing fastly in recent years. Among all the mobile games, a game operated by Tencent called Arena Of Valor is a typical and most profitable one. This paper studies the integrated marketing communication strategies during the selling period of a skin called Bai HuZhi as the example. The study analyzes the marketing strategies of the Arena Of Valor from the 4Cs’ perspective, which includes customer, cost, convenience, and communication. The study investigates how game companies should play a role in marketing, and tries to provide reference for other similar companies.


Yifan Wang. The Application of Integrated Marketing Communication in the Marketing of the Game Industry. LNEP (2021) LNEP ICEIPI 2021: 212-218. DOI: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021201.


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