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Teaching Pragmatics of American English in Russian Tertiary Education


Marina Vorobiova Munguía * 1

1 Institute of Foreign Languages, MSPU University

Corresponding Author

Marina Vorobiova Munguía


Russian students, project-based learning, higher education, pragmatics, competence, foreign language


This paper aims at the possibility of developing pragmatic competence with Russian students of higher education. It considers implementing project-based learning(PBL) with student-centered approach in semi-artificial language learning environment designed by the educator. The main objective of this study is to identify the effectiveness of teaching pragmatic competence with PBL for undergraduate students in Russia. An experimental study with undergraduate second-year students was conducted at MSPU (Moscow Pedagogical State University). To evaluate the effectiveness of instructions in PBL method e-portfolios and rubrics were used as an assessment tool. The rubrics as evaluation tool with criteria and levels of achievement within the cycle of 8 pragmatic awareness-raising projects were implemented to evaluate teamwork and individual contribution to group task. Digital student’s portfolio served as a motivation tool for the students and a form of written individual feedback from the instructor, evaluation, and formative assessment.


Marina Vorobiova Munguía. Teaching Pragmatics of American English in Russian Tertiary Education. LNEP (2021) LNEP ICEIPI 2021: 249-253. DOI: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021206.


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