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    The 2nd International Conference on Educational Innovation and Philosophical Inquiries (ICEIPI 2021), Proceedings, Part I

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    Educational innovation has become an important issue on a global scale. The evolution of society and technology has provided new ways to improve future teaching achievements. It also allows us to seek different solutions to the problems that were difficult to solve in the past. On the other hand, our conference aims at unveiling and inspecting the philosophical inquiries usually hidden among the lines of logical debate. We hope that inter-disciplinary studies with a social scientific focus can all be traced back to the very source of their philosophical pursuits and eventually contribute to the creation of knowledge. 



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    C. Rowley, University of Oxford


  • Chiheng Jiang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021152

    Critical Period Hypothesis in Language Acquisition

    Critical period hypothesis, a popular topic of great significance in language acquisition, was initially deprived from first language acquisition, and further applied to second language acquisition though disputes remain. Former researchers have done myriads of empirical study and concluded diverse theories. This paper purports to briefly review former researches of critical period hypothesis in both first language acquisition and second language acquisition, and then try to probe its interrelation with age effect and implicit learning.

  • Anmeng Cao 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021155

    Research on We Media and MCN Development

    "We Media" has risen rapidly and recently become an inseparable part of people's lives. Its diversification, Civilization, and Generalization are the main factors for the rapid development of "We Media." However, the "We Media" industry's proliferation has brought about two problems: the sustainability of content creation and the difficulty of realization caused by the single profit model. Many content creators find it difficult to survive in an expanding marketplace due to a lack of professional content. MCN companies were born at this time. As a medium between content creators and online platforms, MCN companies can provide better publicity for content creators and create a suitable business model. This paper analyzes the current situation and prospect of "We Media" and MCN companies to provide better development direction for "We Media" and MCN companies.

  • Yikun Hao 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021156

    A Conversation Analysis of the Repair Strategies and Use of Turn-Taking Practices in an IELTS Preparation Class

    This research uses conversation analysis to investigate an institutional discourse within a 28-day university level IELTS preparation class. The goals of this research are to explore: a) repair strategies taken by students and the teacher b) the pattern of turn-taking in an IELTS training class of speaking test. Findings show that the pattern of this result-oriented training class is IRF cycle, and that the most popular strategy applied by the teacher is recast.

  • Han Sun 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021157

    How is Sleep Problems Associated with Depression in Adolescent?

    Depression is a common mental health problem worldwide and the incidence rate of depression may increase by 15% in adolescence. One of the factors that may contribute to the increasing incidence rate of depression in adolescence is sleep problems. However, the mechanism of the influence of sleep problems on depression in adolescence was still unclear. In this study, existed literature that focused on the relationship between depression and sleep problems was reviewed. Evidence indicated that academic performance, social media abuse and emotion process were three possible factors that played roles in the relationship of depression and sleep problems in adolescents. By review the research on each individual factor, academic performance is not verified to be a key factor in the relationship between sleep problems and depression. The social media abuse is believed to be an important external factor rather than an internal mechanism. In fact, emotional process is convinced to be the core internal factor that mediates between sleep problems and depression in adolescence.

  • Lisha Wang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021158

    Non-Intelligence Influencing Factors on Academic Performance of Primary School Students

    After entering the elementary school, children begin to conduct purposive and systematic learning activities under the guidance of teachers. The objective evaluation standard of learning activities, that is, the academic performance, is also receiving more and more attention. This research explores the non-intelligence factors that affect the academic performance of primary school students, mainly focusing on their personal factors and family factors. Among the personal factors, self-regulation, motivation, personality and fitness all have significant impacts on academic achievement. In terms of family factors, parental involvement, family emotional environment and socioeconomic status are all related to the academic performance of primary school students.

  • Siyuan Cao 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021159

    Reanalysis of Gapless Relative Clause

    This paper compares the two most common analyses of gapless relative clause such as Zhangsan tan gangqin de shengyin (literally, ‘the sound of Zhangsan’s playing the piano’) in Mandarin Chinese. Such construction is analyzed to hold either a noun-complement relation [1, 2] or a predicate-subject relation [3] between the Head noun and its gapless relative clause. This paper rather rejects both analyses by collecting and analyzing more data of gapless relative clause, regular relative clause and appositive clause, suggesting such gapless relative construction to be independently existent from the other two constructions.

  • Xiaohan He 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021160

    Research on Bilingual Phenomena in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture

    Taking the bilingual phenomena in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture as the research object, this article reviews the trend and development direction of Korean language evolution in Yanbian by examining the language variation in the long-term Korean-Chinese bilingual contact in the region and the changes of language attitudes and language use among the Korean nationality. The results show that the use of Korean is weakened, and some young Korean minorities switch to another language. Therefore, this article proposes that Yanbian should focused on bilingual education, optimize national language textbooks, increase Korean-Chinese national cultural courses, improve the quality of bilingual teachers, connect parents, schools and society, and strengthen national identity.

  • Luo Lan 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021161

    Mobile Assisted Language Learning: Cognitive Load and Task Motivation

    This study explores the relationship between cognitive load and task motivation of three listening-based tasks via mobile assisted language learning (MALL). The investigation was conducted with 65 English language learners in three WeChat groups in China. A cognitive load questionnaire and a task motivation questionnaire were administered to the participants. Using a quantitative method approach to the study, we have found that the participants’ perceived low cognitive load did not necessarily have an inverse relationship with task motivation, which depended on the germane cognitive load and a balance between the intrinsic and extraneous cognitive load. Only when there was a certain amount of germane load and intrinsic cognitive load, and the amount of the intrinsic and the extraneous cognitive load was in a balance, was the task motivation predictable. This study can shed light on task designers and future research to plan and integrate a mobile language learning pedagogical framework.

  • Yiyun Jiang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021163

    How Does Maternal Depression Relate to Maternal Elaboration?

    The aim of this study was to validate a scheme to code maternal elaboration in a non-memory context in order to explore its relation with maternal depression both concurrently and longitudinally. The study explored the maternal depression at four time points (8, 15, 26, 44 months after giving birth) and five coding styles of maternal conversation. The coding styles for maternal conversation were as follows: MQ-Elab, YN-Elab, ST-Elab, CONF, and REP. The study indicated that the maternal depression showed a negative correlation with styles of maternal conversation at the 8-month age. The correlation between maternal depression and maternal elaboration has become weaker as time goes by. These findings suggested that the maternal depression was correlated with the maternal elaboration, providing both theoretical and practical contributions for future research and application in reality.

  • Eva Brlek, Lovorka Gotal Dmitrović, Marin Milković 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021166

    Characteristic of Communication Model in Children with ADHD

    There are a number of models that describe communication processes in children of typical development, while communication models in children with developmental disabilities, especially children with ADHD, have not been researched to such extent. Communication is defined as a complex process of transmitting messages from person to person, using signals (visual/auditory) from a sender to a recipient. Since communication involves a recipient and a sender of information, there are many factors that can affect the outcome of the communication process such as attention variability, as well as auditory and visual stimuli that can enhance or interfere in communication processes. The goal of communication is to provide as accurate and unaltered information as possible, while rising noise in the communication channel increases the likelihood that the information will be transmitted only partially or might be misinterpreted. The topic of this paper is the analysis of a modern communication model where emphasis is placed on visual and auditory perception, and their particularities in relation to the variability of attention as one of the most important elements of perception. The variability of attention consists of auditory and visual information processing including the time required to respond, ommision errors and errors caused by attention lapses. By studying the results of experimental research, we gain insight into the communication processes of children with ADHD, especially the particularities of the reception, processing and interpretation of auditory and/or visual stimuli, which significantly affects the communication process itself. At the cognitive level, the scientific contribution was achieved through the presentation of the particularities of the communication model in children with ADHD, and at the methodological level through the development of original methodology for qualitative comparison of stimulus thresholds by using statistical parameter analysis, while at the practical level in originality through the application of created information concepts of the communication process.

  • Sergienko E. A., Khlevnaya E. A., Kiseleva T. S., Osipenko E. I., Nikitina A. A. 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021168

    Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Well-being

    The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) as an ability and psychological well-being. We hypothesized that EI as an ability positively correlates with psychological well-being. EI was measured using the Russian-language Emotional Intelligence Test (EIT), conceptually based on the MSCEIT method. Psychological well-being was measured using the Psychological Well-being Scale. The sample consisted of 243 working adults from Russia (61 men, 182 women, average age = 36.1, aged 18 to 67 years). The results showed that higher levels of emotional intelligence were statistically significantly correlated with higher levels of psychological well-being. The experiential domain of EI was the key factor of emotional intelligence associated with psychological well-being. These findings indicate the importance of the impact of EI on the psychological well-being of a person.

  • Shiyao Wang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021170

    A Study on the Introduction of Flipped Classroom to Chinese EFL Students

    This study delves into the effects of implementing a FC model in teaching L2 grammar to Chinese students at the university level, in which the traditional learning procedure was reversed by replacing in-class grammar instruction with input presented in the form of pre-class online materials like PPT and online video. The idea of inquiring into the attitudinal change of Chinese EFL learners towards FC is central to this study with an attempt to explain it. The participants were 30 EFL students who have completed their education from primary school to university in China, with the expectation that they can further their studies in Australian schools. Three instruments were used to collect data: three questionnaires were distributed at different stages of curriculum development to collect quantitative data for revealing the changing trajectory of students' attitudes towards FC, along with the qualitative data acquired from interviews to dig into the root of students’ perspective toward FC classroom. The results indicated a promising trend regarding the students’ perspectives on FC, that is, students' attitude towards FC was becoming increasingly positive in despite of a rather low starting point.

  • Aihui Li 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021172

    Research on Online Education of English Listening and Speaking

    With the continuous development of the Internet, the sharing and opening of high￾quality resources not only improves the level of educational resources serving teaching, but also bring opportunities and challenges to the reform of junior high school education and teaching. Under the background of a global COVID-19 outbreak, the whole-time and whole￾scale online education is a necessary teaching approach in the pandemic situation. Based on the inevitable advent of the era of online education, this paper takes the junior high school online English listening and speaking courses as its study object. From the perspective of studying online listening and speaking education and with relevant teaching theories, it tries to put forward solutions to the problems existing in the current online education of English listening and speaking through analyzing the problems in English teaching on the “est100” platform. There is much research on the teaching of junior high school students' English listening and speaking ability, but little from the perspective of online education. On the basis of existing research results, this paper discusses the shortcomings of current online English listening and speaking education with cases, and puts forward suggestions for improvement, so as to provide reference for further optimization of online English listening and speaking education.

  • Jiang Mei 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021175

    Virtual Influencers: Walking Around the Boundary of Real and Virtual

    As a new agent appearing on social network, virtual influencers are becoming a strong force to be reckoned with worldwide due to their hyper-realistic appearance and distinctive personality, which sparks hot discussion of real and virtual issues in social media. This paper take an Instagram virtual influencer, Imma as analysis object, explores her interaction with followers in light of parasocial theory. Case study and content analysis have been used as main methods. Through analysis, it can be proposed that the reality in social media should not be limited to physical form of entity, and the reality in psychological existence is also a type of reality.

  • Emilee M. Cruz 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021178

    Preparation Propositions for Short-Term Teaching Abroad: A Literature Review

    Both certified teachers and volunteers participate in short-term teaching experiences abroad, but the length of time is concerning in terms of teacher preparation. This paper reviews the body of research that has investigated the teaching methods and short-term program practices that prepare teachers for short-term experiences teaching abroad. The review suggests a program including professional development, deliberate reflection, and cultural and language immersion be offered for teachers before, during, and following their short-term experience. The review also offers direction for future research including the need for experimental and causal-comparative research on the effects of short-term international teachers on student achievement.

  • Ning Dai 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021181

    The Role of Working Memory on Fluid Intelligence

    Previous research proved that working memory is closely related to fluid intelligence, but the role of working memory on fluid intelligence is unclear. This review summarizes previous studies to explore the core mechanism of working memory which have influence on the fluid intelligence. There were the two mechanisms of working memory, storage system and central executive system, associated with fluid intelligence. The storage system is more important and it may mediate the effect of central executive system on fluid intelligence.

  • Luochun Wang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021184

    The Development Trend of Examination-oriented Education and Quality Education in China: Learning from British and America Educational System

    The purpose of this study was to research the differences and connection between examination-oriented education and quality education which are two significant educational systems nowadays. Based on the concrete phenomenon in China, British and United States, offering some proposals on Chinese educational system, and combine advanced educational concepts and guaranteed accountability system in British and US to lead a new way for Chinese quality education. Psychological method is also a valid method for Chinese high schools so that the students can feel the advantages of quality education.

  • Siyuan Xing 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021186

    On the Media Difference and Media Resemblance from Drama to Film in “Mr. Donkey”

    Drama and film have a lot of differences in media expression. The differences in the treatment of contradictions, the treatment of plots and the construction of characters between the film "Mr. Donkey" and the drama "Mr. Donkey" can reflect the media differences between the drama and the film. First, drama emphasizes the stage, while film emphasizes the sense of reality. Second, the conflict of drama is concentrated, while the conflict of film is progressive. Third, drama is about integrity, while film is about focus and detail. Fourthly, the climax of drama often includes the dramatic actions of characters, while the climax of film can be interpreted through audio-visual language.

  • Mengyuan Li 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021187

    The Influence of Boys and Girls on Family Happiness

    There has had a strong "boy preference" in China since ancient times. The birth ratio has increased in recent years, which has exacerbated the imbalance in the ratio of men to women. This imbalance has brought negative effects on the stable development of a moral society and the marriage market. This paper uses CHIP survey data, taking household consumption expenditure on non-essential goods as a proxy variable for household happiness, and using least squares estimation and maximum likelihood estimation to compare the differences in household happiness in different children’s gender. The research results show that daughters bring higher happiness to the family than sons. This conclusion has certain guiding significance for solving the problem of China's gender ratio imbalance.

  • Chenyu Yu 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021188

    Research on Motivation-based Second Language Teaching Strategies

    Motivation, especially achievement motivation, is an important intrinsic factor that affects the outcome of learners' second language learning. Starting with an introduction oftheories of motivation and achievement motivation, this paper reviews research findings on the relationship between motivation (including achievement motivation) and learning strategies. Based on the positive collaborative mechanism between motivation (including achievement motivation) and learning strategies, the paper aims to provide insights for teachers' second language teaching: during the process of teaching, teachers should take measures to appropriately increase students' motivation levels and help them make good use of learning strategies. Meanwhile, teachers are supposed to provide timely and appropriate guidance and feedback to students.

  • Jingzhe Guo, Zhaojie Song 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021190

    Risk Factors for Postpartum Depression During COVID-19

    Many social problems have been highlighted by COVID-19. The perinatal mental health of pregnant women is closely related to the newborn's health and the stability and harmony of family. However, there are few studies on postpartum depression in China. In this study, single-factor analysis and multivariate logistics regression analysis will be used to explore the high-risk factors of postpartum depression in COVID-19.From October 2020 to February 2021, the basic information of 388 puerperas from two cities in central and Northwest China, Xinxiang and Xi'an, were collected, including occupation, age, education, religious belief, nationality, partner companion time during pregnancy, major life-influenced events in the past six months, cognition of COVID-19, and gender and health of the newborn. Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale (EPDS) was used for psychological evaluation. SPSS 13.0 was used for univariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis. According to the Edinburgh Depression Scale, 45 cases were classified into the depression group (score ≥ 13), and 343 cases were classified into the normal group (score < 13).The statistical results of general and clinical data showed that there was no significant correlation between occupation, nationality, weekly accompanying time, or age and postpartum depression (P > 0.05). In logistic multivariate regression analysis, the risk of postpartum depression in pregnant women with neonatal diseases was about 2.23 times higher than that of healthy pregnant women (OR = 2.233). When pregnant women believed that COVID-19 had a negative impact on the health of their newborns, their risk of postpartum depression was 3.31 times higher than that of perinatal women who did not(OR=3.314). This study explored the risk factors of postpartum depression in COVID-19, hoping to provide a method for prevention and treatment.

  • Jingtian Guo 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021192

    An Examination of Individual Differences in Conformity

    The current work aimed to examine how individual differences affect rates of conformity and further reflects upon how this may relate to coronavirus safety behaviors today. This is a theoretical paper that covers literature from both meta-analyses and experimental work, reviewing the principles and processes underlying an individual's likelihood to conform under different internal and external factors. Specifically, this work will address individual differences on the basis of age, sex, personality, and culture, and will then integrate how these traits may be at play when conforming (or not) to the COVID-19 safety procedures (i.e. wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands). The paper concludes that rates of conformity among individuals tend to decrease with increasing age, females tend to show a higher level of conformity, people with a personality marked by high stability conform more than people with greater plasticity in their personality, and collectivist cultures result in a higher level of conformity than individualist cultures.

  • Xiaohan Huang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021193

    Empower or disempower? The Cunning Patriarchal Consumerism and Female Representation in the Chinese Online Shopping Festival “Queen’s Day”

    Chinese online shopping festival has become increasingly important to research on cultural and societal issues related to gender. This paper focuses on the Chinese online shopping festival “3.8 Queen’s Day”, investigates the relationship between female empowerment and patriarchal consumerism power embedded in “Queen’s Day” in context of Chinese society. This paper analyses the reason of the popularity of “Queen’s Day” through the historical and societal perspective, and by critical discourse analysis of the advertisements and slogans in “Queen’s Day”, the patriarchal power presented by dominant male aesthetics and patriarchal discourse have been found. Then, through renaming “Women’s Day” and the word “Women” (“妇女” in Chinese) to “Queen”, it can be seen that patriarchal consumerism discourse has done alienation towards female by deconstructing the historical and societal meaning of the “Women’s Day”. This paper uncovers the cunning of patriarchal consumerism as inconspicuous male power seemingly empowers but actually disempowers female through ads that advocate “female independence”.

  • Stephen Huang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021194

    Mindfulness Relationship with People’s Performance on Academic Problems

    In this research, the subjects are going to be people who were asked to take an online survey. They were given academic problems to test if thinking mindfully could help someone to perform better than average while dealing with academic problems. For other researches that are about mindfulness, many other important fields were tested such as law fields and designing fields. This research is going to test people on their performance on academic problems, something that was not previously done in other research. After the research, the results showed that people who were given “try” did a little better than those who were given “do”. However, those results are only based on a small scale of people and need further research to make the result more believable.

  • Ruohan Sun 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021196

    The Literature review of Influencing Factors of Chinese Youth with Character Disorders

    As one of the frequent behavioral disorders among adolescents, the urgency of research on conduct disorder cannot be ignored. With the guide of ecological systems theory, this research summarizes and synthesizes four aspects: individual, family, school, and society, then points out the shortcomings and gaps of existing research, in order to provide references and new research directions for future studies.

  • Chengjia Zhu 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021197

    The Modulation Mechanism of Social Media Abuse on Depression Symptoms

    During the past few decades, mental health problem is causing an increasingly attention among different groups of people. Since mental health problems is frequently influencing people’s regular life, it is important to study the underlying reasons of causing them. This paper aims to review the relationship between social media abuse and depression among youth. In the paper, three most important reasons: negative social comparison, social isolation and low sleep quality were discussed to explain the core mechanism between social media and depression. It is important that knowing more about the underlying reasons of depression helps to develop more possible future treatments about this disease.

  • Xinyu Zhou 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021198

    The Influencing Factors and Intervention of Adolescent School Bullying

    Bullying is a repetitive ofefensive behavior intended to harm and with asymmetric power. School bullying is a special bullying behavior in which students are the mainparticipants. It has varying degrees of negativ Impact on the adolescents involved. In recent years, school bullying incidents have emerged one after another, and have received extensive attention from researchers. Research on school bullying has gradually been enriched. This paper reviews previous studies on bullying behavior in schools, and explores and summarizes the factors that lead to bullying behavior in adolescents from four main aspects: personal, family, school, and social environment, as well as some intervention methods for these influencing factors, hoping to provide theoretical support for establishing more effective intervention and prevention measures. Bullying is a repetitive ofefensive behavior intended to harm and with asymmetric power. School bullying is a special bullying behavior in which students are the mainparticipants. It has varying degrees of negativ Impact on the adolescents involved. In recent years, school bullying incidents have emerged one after another, and have received extensive attention from researchers. Research on school bullying has gradually been enriched. This paper reviews previous studies on bullying behavior in schools, and explores and summarizes the factors that lead to bullying behavior in adolescents from four main aspects: personal, family, school, and social environment, as well as some intervention methods for these influencing factors, hoping to provide theoretical support for establishing more effective intervention and prevention measures.

  • Yifan Wang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021201

    The Application of Integrated Marketing Communication in the Marketing of the Game Industry

    The mobile game market in China is growing fastly in recent years. Among all the mobile games, a game operated by Tencent called Arena Of Valor is a typical and most profitable one. This paper studies the integrated marketing communication strategies during the selling period of a skin called Bai HuZhi as the example. The study analyzes the marketing strategies of the Arena Of Valor from the 4Cs’ perspective, which includes customer, cost, convenience, and communication. The study investigates how game companies should play a role in marketing, and tries to provide reference for other similar companies.

  • Jiacheng Li 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021203

    How and When Humble Leadership Impact Employee’s Well-Being: A Moderated Mediation Model

    This study aimed to explore how humble leadership affects employees’ autonomy need satisfaction and workplace well-being, and whether employees’ prevention regulation focus can moderate the association between humble leadership and autonomy need satisfaction. A questionnaire survey finally produced 222 valid cases. According to the results, humble leadership significantly impacts employees’ workplace well-being through autonomy need satisfaction, and employees’ prevention regulatory focus amplify the positive relationship between humble leadership and autonomy need satisfaction. The current research is extended in terms of humble leadership and workplace well-being.

  • Ben Xu 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021204

    Research on the Contradiction of Communicative Rationality in the Network Public Sphere

    The network public sphere is an absence space under the background of the network society. Compared with the presence space, the absence space is a space where facial expressions, specific places, and specific environments are not presented. It is a virtual space with the connotation of information flow, symbol display, language exchange and meaning pursuit. The communicative action in the absence space is constructed with symbols as the core, and has new content compared to the previous presence space. Correspondingly, the communicative action in the network public sphere has also formed new characteristics: the cross-temporal and spatial nature of communicative symbols in the communication process, the perceptibility of attitude trends, the diversity of cultural backgrounds, and the low cost of interaction. This article focuses on the impact of the low cost of interaction on the communication action in the network public sphere. On the one hand, the low cost of interaction is an important factor that directly leads to the low degree of rationalization of communicative actions. On the other hand, this feature is also an important force to promote the rise of the network public sphere, because the low cost of interaction makes the discussion in the public sphere more adequate. As far as the current social situation is concerned, the rationality of communication in the network public sphere has not been fully established. Finally, combined with Habermas' theory of communicative action, this article believes that the core of establishing communicative rationality in the Internet age lies in the modernization of human.

  • Oksana L. Filatova, Yuliya Y. Ushakova, Leila M. AllakHverdieva, Julia N. Nesterenko, Verdi A. Mutalimov, Lyudmila V. Grigorieva 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021205

    Influence of Digital Environment on Formation of Cross-cultural Interaction Experience in Professional Education

    The article proposes an understanding of digital transformation as a two-way process of technological improvement of equipment and updating methods of knowing the surrounding world, producing knowledge at a new technological level. The authors emphasize that the activities of a teacher of professional education go beyond technical competencies and point to the need to understand the methodology of the knowledge resource of digital technologies, including in the formation of softskills. The authors believe that the study of cross-cultural interactions in socio-economic disciplines increases resistance to the uncertainty of digital transition, expands the understanding of the multiplicity of multicultural society, forms skills of intercultural cooperation, respect for other cultures, traditions and languages, without reducing the importance of national features and traditions in professional education.

  • Marina Vorobiova Munguía 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021206

    Teaching Pragmatics of American English in Russian Tertiary Education

    This paper aims at the possibility of developing pragmatic competence with Russian students of higher education. It considers implementing project-based learning(PBL) with student-centered approach in semi-artificial language learning environment designed by the educator. The main objective of this study is to identify the effectiveness of teaching pragmatic competence with PBL for undergraduate students in Russia. An experimental study with undergraduate second-year students was conducted at MSPU (Moscow Pedagogical State University). To evaluate the effectiveness of instructions in PBL method e-portfolios and rubrics were used as an assessment tool. The rubrics as evaluation tool with criteria and levels of achievement within the cycle of 8 pragmatic awareness-raising projects were implemented to evaluate teamwork and individual contribution to group task. Digital student’s portfolio served as a motivation tool for the students and a form of written individual feedback from the instructor, evaluation, and formative assessment.

  • Melnikova Daria 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021207

    Training Interpreters as Cross-cultural Mediators: New Way of Teaching ESP or of Solving International Problems

    In modern globalized society the emphasis of interpreter’s professional activity is changing. It is of interest to develop the future interpreter’s ability to establish correspondences and connections between linguistic signs and cross-cultural codes, taking into account the historical and cultural background of interacting countries (in synchrony and diachrony) from the point of view of multiple historical traditions besides the simultaneous interpretation of meaning. This article aims to contribute to the growing field of conflict resolution by exploring issues facing mediators-interpreters in cross-cultural conflicts, by analyzing factors that should be considered by mediators-interpreters and by specifying strategies for conducting successful mediation.

  • Haobo Qi 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021211

    Analysis of the Causes and Countermeasures of Gender Bullying on Campus

    In recent years, school bullying has occurred frequently all over the world, which has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life due to its seriously adverse effect on the growth of teenagers. Among these school bullying incidents, gender bullying accounts for a large proportion. However, there are great challenges to the prevention and intervention of gender bullying on campus because the causes, methods and impacts related to it are unique. This article analyzes the causes of gender bullying in schools in depth, and attempts to put forward some countermeasures. It emphasizes that society, schools, and families should give full play to their roles in avoiding and reducing the occurrence of gender bullying in schools so as to jointly promote the healthy development of teenagers.

  • Wenyang Zhang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021212

    The Formation and Causes of Asian Teenagers’ Implicit Racial Attitude between White and Black People

    From the former investigation, the racial attitudes form at a very young age. Children can distinguish people from other races, and give their preference on appearance and behavior. When people are teenagers, their attitudes are firstly form, and that will accompany with them for a long time. I notice that different people have different extent of racial attitudes. Some of them have a strong preference toward a particular group of people, and some of them have slightly preference to them. That shows the racial implicit attitudes are not congenital, and there must be some factors in their lives which influence people’s attitudes. In this investigation, I use IAT test and interview to investigate the reason of the formation of implicit racial attitudes of the teenagers. In conclusion, we find that personal experience, facial phenotypes and skin tone, relative social class between own race and target one are three main reasons to the formation of implicit racial attitudes.

  • Lu Wang, XinHua Ding 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021215

    Influence of Parenting Style on Self-efficacy of Children

    Self-efficacy has an important influence on individual health and individual growth, and is formed and changed in interaction with others. As the main object of individual early interaction, parents' upbringing with their children has an impact on their children's self-efficacy. Based on the four factors of parenting style, this study aimed to review the influence of parental rearing style on children's self-efficacy. These findings suggest that good parenting style has a positive effect on children's self-efficacy.

  • James Peng 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021220

    Will There be Another Hollywood Golden Age?

    After the end of Hollywood’s second golden age, the film industry has fallen into a cycle that lacks creativity; it is often argued whether there will be another golden age. A film golden age often refers to a time period where Hollywood movies are seen as the most important part of popular culture and directors have a huge amount of creative freedom. Although the first two golden ages were caused by seemingly different reasons, the events that lead to their occurrence share many similarities, creating a possibility of another golden age.

  • Sharifah Muzlia Syed Mustafa, Nurul Fitriah Alias, Lina Mursyidah Hamzah 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021221

    Reaching Out to Students-in-Need through Online Counseling Blog

    The Covid-19 pandemic leading to restricted movement control has seen the educational institutions quickly adopting the online-distance learning approach. Students and academicians must adopt the skills of conducting classes online. The lecturers noted that not all students cope well with distance learning, and learning from home provide different kinds of stress on students. After a semester of noting the challenges that students came across with ODL and confirming the need from students’ need-assessment survey, the counselling lecturers have come up with an online method to reach out to students in distress. Thus, the creation of the counselling blog is an initiative taken by the counselling lecturers to provide students with a venue to read about self-help tips and information about counselling. The blog has several headings that students can delve into if they want to search more on briefs about counselling, activities, websites, and contacts of professional helps. There is also a venue for chatting online with a lecturer on duty, and students can write in anonymously to share their life experiences. Early response from students showed encouraging and positive response where they applauded the attractive designs and contents of the blog. It is recommended that such step is taken by other educational institutions in the effort of assisting students at the faculty level before they are referred to professional help, if in need.

  • Shiting Yang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021224

    Research on the Strategies of Teaching English Reading in Middle Schools

    Middle school English reading has always had an important position in teaching English. It takes up a high proportion of the score whether in domestic high school and college entrance examinations or IELTS, TOEFL and other foreign examinations. However, with the continuous deepening and full implementation of China's education reform, some of its problems gradually appear. This paper analyzes current situation and problems of teaching English reading in middle schools from the perspectives of teaching objectives, contents, difficulties and common teaching models, and puts forward relevant teaching strategies.

  • Shuwei Shi 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021225

    Acupuncture for the Treatment of Eating Disorders: A Systematic Review

    Eating disorders are mental health disorders which involve severe problems with thoughts about food and eating behaviors. Acupuncture, an intangible cultural heritage of China, is well known for its ability to release stress and pain. Previous studies suggest that acupuncture has positive effects on treating eating disorders though its effectiveness remains uncertain. A systematic review which illustrated the effects of acupuncture in comparison of other medications was conducted. This review focuses on ten clinical trials published between 2010 and 2020 in Google Scholar and two Chinese databases (i.e. WANGFANG DATA and ZHIWANG). The results have confirmed that acupuncture plays an important role in treating Anorexia, including improvement in patients' Quality of Life and anxiety relief. Evidence has also confirmed the positive effects of pricking Sifeng acupuncture point on treating Infantile Anorexia. In sum, acupuncture is a promising complementary therapy for treating eating disorders. However, further high-quality randomized controlled trials (RCT) with standardized acupuncture protocols are required for each specific eating disorder to validate the treatment effect.

  • Kathy Chen 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021226

    Depression and Sleep Quality: A Network Analysis

    Multiple studies have supported the bi-directional relationship between sleep and depression. However, by adopting the latent constructs of depression and sleep quality, previous studies failed to map relationships among individual symptoms. To address the limitation, this study applied network analysis to investigate the relationships among individual nodes of sleep quality and depression. In specific, this study identified the most central node and bridges across these two conditions. Gaussian graphical models (GGM) of depression symptoms and aspects of sleep quality were calculated using the R package qgraph. By using the bridge functions in the networktools, this study found little relationship among individual items of sleep quality and depression. Moreover, sleep quality nodes served as the main bridges between sleep and depression. The network approach offered insights regarding the link between sleep and depression, which provided a more nuanced understanding of how depression and sleep quality are related.

  • Huan Liu 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021229

    Various Types of Screen Time and Their Influences on Adolescents' Depression

    Depression has continued to influence adolescents across the world. Out of variables related to depression, the variable of screen time, or media usage, is relatively new and needs continuous studies. This paper aims to review the relationship between depression and screen time. This paper first reviewed research tendencies along this field of works. Then, discussed different media types’ individual impacts on depression of adolescents. At last, three potential mediators between depression and screen time were covered, including physical activity, social isolation, and self-regulation. It is important that knowing more about the underlying mediators to facilitate interventions and related assistance.

  • Yue Li, Zixuan Wang, Wei Li 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021230

    Asian-Americans in COVID-19: A Literature Review of Mental Health Status and Service Use

    Objectives: Reports of racial discrimination against Asian Americans has surged during the Covid-19 pandemic. The goal of this paper is to provide an overview of Asian Americans' mental health status during Covid-19 and an assessment of the barriers and disparities within Asian Americans’ mental health service delivery. Methods: Four databases and the publisher The Lancet were chosen to search journal articles regarding Asian Americans' mental health status and service use. The increasing racial discrimination was examined as a critical parameter to assess Asian Americans' mental health status. The accessibility of mental health services and the responsiveness of Asian Americans’ appropriate needs were studied by gender, subgroups and other moderating factors. Results: A total of 49 studies met the review criteria. Asian Americans encountered increasing coronavirus-related discrimination and presented a deteriorated mental health state during Covid-19. A high rate of informal/non-professional mental health service use and an overall low rate of professional service use were found in Asian Americans. Inaccurate self-reporting and diagnosis, language barriers, financial difficulty, and the lack of health insurance and education are contributing factors of the unmet needs of Asian Americans when seeking mental health services. Conclusions: Possible reasons that explain Asian Americans’ mental health issues reside in socio-economic factors such as cultural differences, limited English proficiency, and low prevalence rates of health insurance and education. Evidence-based policies against racism, inter-ethnic connections, and cultural identity understanding are needed on national and community levels to address Asian hate crimes and discrimination. Virtual mental health services, culture-specific forms of intervention and treatment responses and appropriate education about Asian American mental health issues can help improve Asian Americans' mental health conditions.

  • Qianqian Zhang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021231

    Analysis on the implementation of authentic assessment in Singapore classrooms

    In order to promote students' ability to accomplish real-world tasks, Singapore education adopts authentic assessment to develop students’ ‘high-order thinking. Unlike traditional assessment, authentic assessment verifies students’ learning by looking at how they apply knowledge. The educational context in Singapore that is undergoing a transformation toward promoting students’ competency is supportive of authentic assessment’s development. The implementation model of the portfolio and the representative authentic assessment method are discussed to give a more detailed introduction of how authentic assessment runs in real talk. The encounter of chances and challenges in Singapore’s experience of embracing authentic assessment offers an instructive example for the worldwide prospect of the wider use of authentic assessment in the future.

  • Zhuxin Fang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021233

    Mirror reality, civilian hero and realistic reflection— On the "Real Aesthetics" of Dying to Survive

    Dying to Survive is a representative work of real aesthetics, which portrays lofty characters and shows the reality of life with mirror images. In terms of audio-visual language, shaky shot shows the drift, rootlessness and helplessness of the inferior society;The hand-held lens shows a sense of reality of the whole picture; The flexible use of different scenes depicts the real characters and environment, and the combination of shots,color and light demonstrates the theme of film's realism.In the aspect of characterization, the five members of the leading role group and the outstanding supporting actors have laid the foundation for the film narrative, theme expression and frame construction, and promoted the development of film narrative.

  • Florian Richter 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021234

    Personalized Learning and Autonomy

    In smart classrooms intelligent systems are embedded in the learning environment. The implementation of these systems is widely accepted to introduce a more personalized learning experience, but the educational context has yet not been fully scrutinized. The examined approaches fail to capture the complexity of the learning experience and underdetermine the pedagogical aspect. Therefore, directions are indicated and discussed to clarify the educational context of technological implementations.

  • Fengyi Zhang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021238

    The Allegory of the Cave’s Implication on Modern Education

    In "Allegory of The Cave" from Plato Aristocles' book The Republic, Plato presents a dialogue between Glaucon and Socrates, which discusses proper pedagogy through a cave metaphor. The cave metaphor is a scenario that involves the actions of few prisoners trapped in a cave; they "are very much like us humans" [1]. In the allegory, there are symbolic elements like shadows and sunlight. By interpreting these elements in the rest of the essay, it explores the implication of the cave metaphor to modern education: a gradual pedagogy should be preferred above sudden exposure to higher-level knowledge. I will first discuss symbolic meanings of significant concepts in this allegory then tie the cave metaphor back to education in society to see why a gradual pedagogy should be valued in the education realm.

  • Siwei Liu 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021239

    Uncharted Surrealism: the Emotional Cartography in Diao Yi'nan's Films

    In the contemporary time, the Chinese cinema has seen the emergence of various cinematic strategies in representing filmic cities. Among the sixth-generation directors, the topophilia strategy is most frequently discussed. However, Diao Yi'nan, an often neglected sixth generation director, emerges to the spotlight with his ground-breaking crime drama, Black Coal, Thin Ice and continues to gain attention ever since. Differing from the typical topophilia approach, Diao adopts distinct cinematic strategies to explore the intersection of individual sentiments and urban spaces. This essay builds itself on past research to analyze these strategic differences. The key theory adopted is the "emotional cartography", a psychogeography concept that explores the intersection of spatiality and subjectivity. Viewing filmic city as an "emotionally heightened space", the emotional cartography allows for the unveiling of hidden social relations as mediated by feelings and sensibility in a specific spatial system. The anxiety of living in a fleeting material world and changing social relation could be thus seen as the implicit political message hidden in Diao’s narrative. The second part is built on past research and analyzes the narrative force of Diao Yi'nan's film. Affirming the logic of "atypical affects" (奇情) proposed by Qi Wei, the second part argues that the logic of atypical affects is also the underlying force for Diao's emotional cartography. Last but least, the essay argues for Diao's use of surrealism adheres to the logic of affects and externalize characters' psychologies.

  • Boyou Chen 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021240

    Relation Between School Journalism and Democracy

    This article mainly studies the role of media on campus. Almost all schools have student organizations, but there is little to monitor them and report the truth. As one of the students, I founded the school newspaper We Say, which became the largest media in the school. Through this paper, I hope to explore whether the media can help promote democracy and the role of the media in social groups. Although the school only has a few thousand people, I still hope to use the school as a model for a small society. Whether it is of great significance to study our journalism through practice. Finally, I found the answer. Our journalism serves three very important functions in our schools: informing people, investigating and making the student’s organization democratic, and building a forum for everyone.

  • Zongze Yue 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021241

    Protective Factors and Improving Paths of Poor Children's Resilience

    Improving the resilience of the children in poverty is an effective way to promote their mental health. This study pointed out that in the perspective of resilience, certain support for poor children can help them overcome the adversity brought by poverty, enhance their resilience, increase the protective factors, and finally promote the development of children's personality and sociality. Out of this perspective, this study summarized and integrated the protective factors from four dimensions of personality traits, family factors, school factors and social factors. Also, the study summarized the paths to improve resilience of poor children, and found the shortcomings and gaps of the existing research, in order to provide a direction for future research.

  • Yinchun Pei 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021243

    An Exploration of Chinese Postgraduate Students' Online EMI Course Anxiety

    The aim of this study is to explore the extents of foreign language anxiety and technological anxiety experienced by Chinese postgraduate students from a university in Hong Kong in the online EMI (English Mediated Instruction) courses. 31 participants finished the questionnaires related to anxiety and answer the open-ended questions about their feelings of online EMI courses. The findings demonstrate that foreign language anxiety and technological anxiety have a negative effect on students' online EMI learning experience. Furthermore, although learners indicates that they consequently experience anxiety, they also tend to overcome foreign language anxiety by practicing English as much as possible, and they hope the universities and teachers can arrange more technological guidance before classes helping to reduce the technological anxiety. Based on these main findings, the implications are provided regarding technological use guidance and awareness.

  • Congqiao Wang 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021244

    TikTok and Body Image of Young Adults

    As social media like TikTok grows more popular in the digital age, people seem to be driven more and more by standards on social media, despite the lack of research. This study chooses to use the research method of Focus group and selects six university students from the University of Macau for research (N=6) to explore the relationship between TikTok and the body image of young adults. These participants were avid users of social media, and the final data showed gender differences, individual differences, and indirect impact differences. In the data provided by this sample, we not only saw the different effects on each participant, but also shows how young adults were indirectly affected when TikTok went mainstream.

  • Kaiyuan Lin 2021-12-26 Doi: 10.54254/lnep.iceipi.2021245

    Determinants of American Adults Experiencing and Viewing Online Harassment Differently

    With the development of the Internet, online harassment becomes a significant problem nowadays. 41% of U.S. adults have personally experienced some forms of online harassment. Two questions are examined in the paper: First, what kinds of characteristics of adults make them regard offensive content online as a big problem? Second, what kind of characteristics of adults make them prone to online harassment? The data from the American Trends Panel Wave 74 September Survey are used. Logistic regression is applied to these two questions. For the first question, choosing a closer view whether offensive content online is too often excused as not a big deal or many people take offensive content online too serious is the outcome variable with several independent variables: gender variable, age group variable, education level variable, race variable and region variable. For the second question, whether the survey respondents have experienced any kind of online harassment is the outcome variable, with gender variable, age group variable, education level variable, race variable and region variable as independent variables. The results of the models show that gender, education level, and age are all important factors for both questions.

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